Making IT Work

Thanks for choosing GeeksPlus – Gippsland’s local IT support provider. We have seen how difficult it can be to manage a network on your own, that’s why we take the pain out of it. Our mission, which we choose to accept, is to find solutions to computer and IT problems. This is the plus of GeeksPlus. Whether you are a business owner, or a home user, we are here to help.

IT Solutions

Running your own business but don’t want to run your own IT department? Our friendly consultants will tailor a solution to fit your needs and take the hassle out of managing your systems. It’s just another way we go about Making IT Work.

Customised VoIP Solutions

VoIP (voice over IP) services can save you lots of money on your phone bill. Our virtual PBX service can automatically manage routing for dozens of phones for your staff.

Computer Repair

Computer broken? Printer not working? Get one of our friendly technicians to attend your home or office. We know all too well how bringing a computer into the shop is a hassle, that’s why we come to you!

Network Solutions

WiFi reception patchy at the extremities of your home? Is your router or modem malfunctioning? Do you have a fish tank, microwave or double-storey home or office? Before paying more money to your internet provider or going on another 24-month contract, give us a call to discuss your options. Our technicians can supply, install and configure your new device so that you will be happy.

Virus Removal

Got a virus? Never fear! Help is just a phone call away! Disconnect your potentially infected computer from your LAN or WiFi immediately and call us on 1800 980 787 and arrange a visit to check and remove any threats.

IT Consulting

Need ongoing support and advice for your business? Call us on today to discuss your needs. Our friendly consultants will listen and discuss your needs, not just read from a script what you want to hear. So whether you have 3 staff or 30, we can help you to maximize productivity.

Outsourced Technical Support

Got a new product, but can’t afford to hire support staff? Let us take care of it for you. The only scripts we use is answering the call, transferring the call to another department if the call is not support related, and ending the call. Everything else is unscripted and we deal with each matter on a case-by-case basis.